[0.18.31] Apply update (attempts) to load mods _before_ applying update.

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[0.18.31] Apply update (attempts) to load mods _before_ applying update.

Post by mrudat »

What did I do?
Attempted to apply an update to a windows copy of Factorio 0.18.31 by running the following:

C:\Program Files\Factorio\bin\x64\factorio.exe --apply-update core-win64-0.18.31-0.18.32-update.zip

At the same time, I also have a mod enabled, that I'm developing, that doesn't load (yet).
What happened?
Factorio proceeds to attempt to load the mods (which fails) and completely ignores the request to apply an update.
What did I expect to happen?
I expected that the act of applying an update would ignore what mods you do or do not currently have enabled until after the update is applied.

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