[0.17.47] tooltip flickers when hovering location icon in chat

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[0.17.47] tooltip flickers when hovering location icon in chat

Post by Anyone » Sun Jun 09, 2019 6:18 pm

When the server is having issues (show-multiplayer-waiting-icon), the hover of location coordinates seems to spaz out in sync with the waiting icon. Note that the waiting icon was flickering really fast and this is caused by the Redmew crash-site map (see attachment for save). Should be reproducible by firing a ton of arty shells all over the map, triggering biters.

Note that this isn't a complaint about the waiting for server, this is just the flickering of the hover. I've tested hovers for the in-game GUI elements (like a market or any other entity really) and it didn't show this flickering effect.


Edit: better save, this one is from earlier with more biters & spawners
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