[0.17.43] Probabilistic catalysts not counted correctly in production statistics

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[0.17.43] Probabilistic catalysts not counted correctly in production statistics

Post by alercah » Fri May 24, 2019 7:38 pm

Angel's Bioprocessing has a recipe for wood which requires 1 tree and a saw blade, and produces some random amount of wood between 6 and 8 along with returning the saw blade at probability 0.9. In production statistics, however, these saw blades are counted as consumed always, but never produced. The result is that consumption appears to far outstrip production.

To observer, open the attached save file (from my seablock game, so requires many mods listed in the file) and look at production statistics for saw blades (I recommend 10 minute view). There are only four wood assemblers in the game (I promise there are no others elsewhere), and they take 4 seconds each to execute the recipe. Thus, they will be completing the recipe approximately once per minute. In the consumption statistics, there is approximately 60 saw blades used per minute, which lines up with this. However, they ought to be producing 54 saw blades per minute (90%), but the game only seems to count the handful per minute coming from the left hand assembler (which is currently short on iron). The result is that it looks like saw blades are being consumed far, far faster than they are.

Ideally, the produced saw blades would cancel out and the statistics would only reflect the actual net production or consumption. But it would also be ok if the recipe counted for both production and consumption. Either way, counting the consumption but not production is wrong in this case.
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