[0.16.51] Trains can path to stations of a different force instead

Bugs that are actually features.
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[0.16.51] Trains can path to stations of a different force instead

Post by lovely_santa » Fri Feb 08, 2019 2:16 pm


While modding, I came acros a nice bug, it also applies to vanilla.

Imagine 2 forces: force fA and force fB
A train on force fA: train tA

When I make a new train stop on force fA, I can choose an already existing stop name (backer_name) from the list, a list containing all train stop names of my force fA.

Let's say the other force fB also makes a train stop with that same name, his list didn't show that station name, becose it was on anoter force, but he could choose this manual. No problem.

The issue however, when a train paths to this stop, the train doesn't care about the force. Meaning the train tA could travel to the train stop of his force, fA, but also to the force fB (if it has a path).

The main issue for vanilla, quickly easly put together:
In the production challenge:
:arrow: How nice that the 'enemy' drops of his resources at my station instead of his... wondering where his resources are goiing
:arrow: They guess a station name of the enemies (maybe stream snyping?) and send a nice big artillery train to the other base to destroy it from the inside out! :lol:

For modding
:arrow: My trains are pathing to the wrong force :oops:

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Re: [0.16.51] Trains can path to stations of a different force instead

Post by Twinsen » Wed May 08, 2019 2:18 pm

I believe it's kind of agreed that this is ok behavior. Or some grey area between bug and feature.
Since it can lead to many interesting situations in multiplayer, it's currently regarded as working as intended.

Trains in general are force agnostic.

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