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There are a few rather annoying known issues with the game. We are sorry about it and we will fix them, but it takes time.

Broken graphics mostly on MacOSX or on Linux with intel GPU

Empty graphics, snow-landscape
hotfix: reduce max-texture-size (see ... 595#p36595

The auto updater does not work
Make sure your name and password are correct. Also check if you don't have a firewall blocking Factorio.
Some examples: ... f=7&t=3554
How to install experimental updates.

Biters freeze or are overpopulated
hotfix: type in the console:
Code: Select all
/c game.forces.enemy.kill_all_units()

See more: ... =41&t=2183, ... =41&t=2325

Game window does not open on game start with Windows
Use the windows key + D to minimize and maximize the game or maximize it from the taskbar.
See more at: ... php?t=3322, ... php?t=3755, ... php?t=3867
You can also try to disable the fullscreen mode in the config (see ... =3277).

No sound or delayed sound on linux
To summarize the solution, posted by Nemoder and Dedas:

1. Create or edit /etc/allegro5rc, and set to:


2. Start the game with "padsp ./factorio" (padsp is included in the pulsaudio-utils package)
(there should be no need to restart pulseaudio).
This worked on Fedora 18 x64.

If you have game on Steam, set launch options (in Factorio properties in Steam) to
Code: Select all

See also ... =41&t=2489

Game runs slow on linux64 with 2 monitors


Performance Issues, lag, stuttering

Mod portal not working
The mod portal doesn't work (website not loading/ingame mod browser not working or updating mods)
The developers are aware of it but it isn't a fast fix and require some bigger changes and rewrites
Also keep in mind that during peak moments like friday nights and weekends a lot more people have time to play factorio and download/update mods and at those moments the demand can be quite high
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