[1.1.76][switch] Cannot host save file in multiplayer

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[1.1.76][switch] Cannot host save file in multiplayer

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1.1.76 (build 60350, arm64-ns)

Single player works fine.

I am trying to host a save game to play multiplayer. My file is 77 MB, under the 100 MB limit. I have confirmed that the versions are the same.

My friend is able to see the server and type in the password. After, I get the message from the attached image on my screen. Then, my game crashes, and my friend's gets disconnected from the server.
PXL_20230303_235124491.jpg (3.46 MiB) Viewed 155 times
I am only using 415/1000 MB on my switch. I have confirmed there is several GB of space as well on the switch, not the SD. I am also unable to save the game on multiplayer when there is nobody joining. I get the following error in that instance.
PXL_20230304_152429743.jpg (4 MiB) Viewed 149 times
I have tried to have friends from both Switch and PC join. all on 1.1.76. No luck.

I am able to host a save file that is much smaller with the same friend with no issues. However, I have also tried old save files, such as from the autosave, with no luck.

Thank you.
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Re: [1.1.76] Switch - cannot host save file in multiplayer

Post by Rseding91 »

That sounds like the switch ran out of RAM. But I'll leave this for Twinsen to look into.
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