[1.1.76] Boiler with no output pipe connections face north when flipped

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[1.1.76] Boiler with no output pipe connections face north when flipped

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Boilers which have their prototype `.output_fluid_box.pipe_connections = {}`, when flipped either horizontally or vertically, end up facing north.

Simplest way to see this is to add this to the data stage:

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data.raw["boiler"]["boiler"].output_fluid_box.pipe_connections = {}`
Then place boilers facing various directions, copy the lot, and flip them. They will all face north. Flipping again makes them face the original direction.

I realize some things with fluid boxes aren't able to be flipped due to asymmetry issues, but this in particular should be symmetric as its specifying no connections. The reasoning behind no connections is that the input fluid box is being manipulated via script and no output is required so they should be flippable.

Edit: More oddities with the flipping system:
Assembling-machines can only be flipped if their pipe connections are on the x=0 axis, regardless if there are 1 or 2 connections. Logically, these should be flippable if all pipe connections are along either axis and/or if the same type (input vs output) of connections are equidistant on opposite sides of an axis. Similar to a boiler with its output connection on {0, -1.5} and its input connections equidistant to the X-axis on {-2, 0.5} and {2, 0.5}. They should also be flippable if these connections are along the y-axis.

Boilers have 2 types of fluid boxes, `.fluid_box` and `.output_fluid_box`. They are flippable if `.fluid_box` has no connections but if `.output_fluid_box` has no connections, it flips to face north. The `.output_fluid_box` can have multiple connections and is still flippable as long as all connections are symmetrical about either the X or Y axis.

Assembling-machines should logically work similarly to boilers with similar connections.
Boilers should be flippable with no connections in `.output_fluid_box` instead of facing north.
Anything non symmetrical still would not be flippable, such as oil refineries.

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