[1.1.70] de-selecting search box during autosave triggers hotkeys

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[1.1.70] de-selecting search box during autosave triggers hotkeys

Post by DefectiveNu »

While the game is auto-saving in single player, if you type in a search box and then deselect that box before the save finishes the game behaves as if everything you typed was also hit outside of the search box (activates hotkeys).

(it helps to have a large save / slow drive to reproduce)

Start creating a blueprint
Start adding or changing one of the icons
Select search and wait for autosave
once autosave starts, type something that could activate a hotkey ("train", "logistic" etc)
before autosave finishes, click outside the search box (ie to select the icon, though this isn't required)

This should in the case of "train" cause the technology window to open after the autosave finishes. If you keep the search box selected this will not occur.

Also happens when selecting logistics requests

As an aside, I'm not a fan of how various UIs (tech, logistic, train overview...) can cause the blueprint window to close, its made me paranoid of losing stuff so I save and re-open a lot.

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