[1.1.68] Inconsistent behavior in the Debug Settings menu

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[1.1.68] Inconsistent behavior in the Debug Settings menu

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1. What did you do?
(Also tested in a brand new vanilla world in single player)
When going in the debug settings menu via the F4 key, the options selection seems inconsistent :

2. What happened?
- activating in ALWAYS activate in both ALWAYS and DEBUG
- deactivating in ALWAYS only deactivate in ALWAYS
- activating in DEBUG only activate in DEBUG
- deactivating in DEBUG deactivate in both ALWAYS and DEBUG

3. What did you expect to happen instead? It might be obvious to you, but do it anyway!
Expected behavior would be either :
- any change to the ALWAYS category would influence both ALWAYS and DEBUG
- ALWAYS and DEBUG would be in their own category and changes to any would not affect the other
Factorio 1.1.68 2022-09-15 19-27-05.mp4
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