remotes + "active-defense-equipment"s completely disregard target parameters

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remotes + "active-defense-equipment"s completely disregard target parameters

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Modding related, there is annoying (imo broken) behavior with remotes and equipments. *everything* about the target behavior (the equipment's ammo_type) is somehow ignored, but also not "unused". equipments only are usable when enemies are nearby (remote behavior is never taken from equipment?).

Trying different things:

Code: Select all

local discharge = data.raw["active-defense-equipment"]["discharge-defense-equipment"]
local ap = discharge.attack_parameters
ap.ammo_type.target_type = "position"
ap.ammo_type.clamp_position = true
local one = ap.ammo_type.action[1]
one.trigger_from_target = true
one.force = "same"
Result: position does nothing, clamp position does nothing, force condition doesn't alter when the remote is usable.

What I'd expect: Anything to work.
I have mods! I guess!

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