[1.1.53] E doesn't close toobar selection window

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[1.1.53] E doesn't close toobar selection window

Post by BenSeidel »

The hotkey "E" doesn't close the toolbar selection window as the tooltip says it should. Escape works correctly though.
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Instead the player inventory/crafting window opens as it normally does when pressing E.

Steps to reproduce
1) Load a new game.
2) Press either of the toolbar selection buttons (labeled 1 & 2 to the left of the toolbars).
3) Press "E" and see that it doesn't close the selection window.

I run a Dvork keyboard with an alternate key configuration and it also happens in that. I downloaded a fresh .zip install to test it and it exhibits the same behaviour there (log of that clean install attached).
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Re: [1.1.53] E doesn't close toobar selection window

Post by boskid »

Thanks for the report. Issue is now fixed for 1.2.

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