[1.1.50] Crash entering aircraft (InventoryGuiSlot::paintComponent)

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[1.1.50] Crash entering aircraft (InventoryGuiSlot::paintComponent)

Post by spleut »

Build: 59278, mac

All mods are up to date according to mod portal.
Describe the problem as best as you can
  • What did you do?
    Enter the cargo aircraft from the aircraft mod.
  • What happened?
    The game crashed immediately.
  • What did you expect to happen instead? It might be obvious to you, but do it anyway!
    I would enter the aircraft just as I would enter the car.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Find the cargo plane as seen in the screenshot included
2. Use Enter to enter it.

EDIT: Even trying to open the cargo plane's inventory causes a crash. Car and other aircraft are unaffected by this bug.
EDIT 1: Deconstructing the cargo plane and placing it again seems to solve the issue.
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Re: [1.1.50] Crash entering aircraft (InventoryGuiSlot::paintComponent)

Post by Rseding91 »

Thanks for the report however I can't reproduce the crash. When I load the save with the mods in the save (the turret mod is not on the portal so it gets removed) entering/opening/interacting with the airplane seems to have no issues.

Is there something else i need to do to make it happen? Does it happen every time for you?
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