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Placed inserters do not highlight ghost buildings that they would pull from

Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2021 11:51 pm
by dragon_gawain
When I place down an inserter and hover over it, it does not highlight the structure that it would pull from if that structure is a ghost. The structure that the inserter would deposit its item does get highlighted.

This happens with: all assembly machines, all belts (including underground and splitters), all furnaces, chemical plants, science labs, boilers, wood chests, steel chests, and gun turrets.

It works properly (meaning the structure that the inserter pulls from gets highlighted) with: cargo wagons, artillery wagons, and iron chests.

Attached is a sample of all the things I tested, with one of the assembly machine tests highlighted.

I tested with multiple types of inserters with no mods installed. That being said, I first noticed the issue in a modded playthrough, so the issue is also present with mods enabled.

edit: I later realized that the inserter from the artillery wagon is a ghost in the image. I redid the test for the artillery wagon and found that it worked properly.