[1.1.42] Desync when trying to build artillery

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[1.1.42] Desync when trying to build artillery

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I was playing my own savefile for a while then I started playing on various servers.. Eventually I wound up on this server that gave me issues.

Stock game, no mods.

I joined, talked, moves around, decided to help build artillery wagons..

Pressed 'E'.

Set personal logistics to give me:

100 iron gear wheels
100 steal plates
200 advanced circuits
50 engines
100 pipes

Trying to build a artillery wagon and I forgot it required 64 engines, so clicked the engines icon (to increase too 100) and I desynced.

188MB: https://www.dropbox.com/s/irpni0de7l527 ... 4.zip?dl=0


After reading the popups and creating the desync report file, I continued and reconnected. Once reconnected I clicked the artillery wagon and I desynced instantly again. It did not generate a report that time?

Note: My speakers have been unplugged for weeks so that is what the audio issue is about.

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