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Notes-creator for Speedruns

Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2021 9:46 pm
by Xoriun

Over the last few months I have been developing a notes-creator tool to display notes (including icons) in a decently customizable way with integrated hotkey-support for LiveSplit. The focus was on Factorio speedruns but it could be used for anything else as well.
I have a copyright questions regarding this which I want to sort before "releasing" it in the speedrunning discord I'm in.
I use two Factorio-icons in the tool (1: `Destroyed-icon` and 2: `Not-enough-repair-packs-icon`), which I got from the wiki.
Is this ok or not? If yes, do I have to note this somewhere (like in the read-me on github)?

1: This is displayed as an replacement if an icon's file was not found.
2: This is displayed if a Todo-entry is non-empty.

The image below gives a short example. Unlike the 1 and 2, the Belt and Furnace icons are user controlled input and not part of the tool.