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locale .cfg string editor(missing/diff/same line finder)

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2021 8:58 am
by x2605
I made an web application to manage .cfg strings.
It can compare main .cfg(mod author's language) texts with outdated/incomplete/traslate-exclusive's .cfg texts.
Main purpose is to find missing keys and merge into previous incomplete .cfg file, and rearrange key lines same to main .cfg.
Visit and click question mark at top-left of page to see how to use.

Re: locale .cfg string editor(missing/diff/same line finder)

Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 11:57 am
by x2605
New feature in v0.2 ~ v0.2.4

"detach/attach key names" now recognise special words like __1__, __CONTROL__blabla__, \n, , [tooltip=blabla], [/font]...
And convert them into "Emoji" unicode character which translation program ignores.
This means you can simply whole copy & paste & translate your whole .cfg file into other language with translator, without breaking special words by translator.


1. Paste whole content of main .cfg file into "original" section.
2. (if exist) Paste whole content of incomplete language's .cfg file into "localised" section. If not exist, "localised" can be empty.
3. Press "generate missing" > "tag line number" > "detach key names" sequently.
4. Copy whole texts generated in "compare" section.
5. Make a .txt file with UTF-8 encoding and paste whole "compare" texts in it.
6. Visit translation website(such as
7. Upload your .txt file.
8. Wait until whole texts to be translated. (refresh F5 is needed if using google)
9. Copy whole text if translating is finished for all lines.
10. Return to webapp, and replace whole text in "compare" with translated text.
11. Press "attach key names" > "merge localised" sequently.
12. Copy whole text generated in "compare" section.
13. Make new .cfg file with UTF-8 encoding and paste whole translated text.
14. Full mod translation done.