FactorioUpbot - Discord bot notifying when your servers go down

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FactorioUpbot - Discord bot notifying when your servers go down

Post by Hornwitser » Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:14 pm

I've made a Discord bot that monitors the multiplayer games list and sends updates when a specific ones disappears or reappears from the list. Summed up in one picture:
upbot.png (8.44 KiB) Viewed 52 times

You can add it to your own Discord server with this link. It's currently very basic in functionality. You can add the Factorio server you wish to be notified about by the name it appears in the public server list by writing @FactorioUpbot add-server "Server Name". The quotes are necessary if the server name has spaces in it. You should also set the channel it will post updates to with @FactorioUpbot set-log-channel #channel. Once these two things are set it'll post into the configured channel if server with the given name appears and disappears in the Factorio games list. If you don't want to be mentioning it every time you command it something you can add prefixes that it'll respond to with for example @FactorioUpbot set-bot-prefixes !. After setting the prefix to ! it'll respond to commands like !add-server "My server". See the help command for a full list of available things you can do and feel free to try them all out.

All of the useful commands require you to have a role that grants you the administrator permission in the Discord server. Access can also be granted by a role if an administrator sets this role using the set-admin-role command.

Note that the bot uses reactions to indicate various error conditions
- No entry sign means you don't have permission to use the command.
- A question mark means the command was not understood. Usually this means either a parameter or quotation mark is missing or wrong.
- A zipper mouth face means the bot lacks the permission to send message in the channel
- A collision symbol (explosion) means an unhandled error in the bot code occurred.

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