TinyFactorio - make your Factorio installation 88% smaller!

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TinyFactorio - make your Factorio installation 88% smaller!

Post by iivmok@gmail.com »


Wrote a little tool to strip everything possible from a Factorio installation.
From 1044 mb to just tiny 128 mb.

Written in python, but there's also an easy-to-use .exe build that you can place in your Factorio directory make it much smaller.

This process is not reversible.

- Replaces all ambient music sounds with silence
- Replaces all non-english fonts with a empty dummy .ttf file
- Replaces all high-resolutin png's with dummy .png files
- Packs factorio.exe with UPX
- Removes the tests and doc-html directories
- Removes debugging info
- Removes changelog
- Removes campaign
- Runs pngquant on all >100kb png files

If you zip up the tiny'ied installation back up, its just 111 mb:

tinyfactorio.png (26.17 KiB) Viewed 5051 times

Source code: https://github.com/iivmok/tinyfactorio (CC0 License - public domain)
Exe download: https://github.com/iivmok/tinyfactorio/releases/tag/1

:heart: Happy Valentines day!

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Re: TinyFactorio - make your Factorio installation 88% smaller!

Post by arrow in my gluteus »

I don't think it's very smart to use your email as your username. Don't you get a lot of spam due to this?

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Re: TinyFactorio - make your Factorio installation 88% smaller!

Post by luc »

Nah, gmail is enough of a monopoly that it cannot have a spam problem: it just drops everything into the spambox unless the sender uses one of a handful of mail servers (such as gmail itself, hotmail, and a few others). Did my email not arrive? Surely Google cannot do it wrong, it must be the sending server's fault! (Disgruntled mail server owner here.)

Anyway, this is a little off topic :P

What sounds are the ambient sounds exactly? In case it's the background music, I enjoy that. Is there an option to customize what it removes/compresses?

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