[0.16] Factorio Blueprint API for Java

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[0.16] Factorio Blueprint API for Java

Post by Shuriken255 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:02 am

This API provides you easy way to create blueprint strings for Factorio game in Java.
It will automaticly generate blueprint string, so you won't need to care about building JSON file, compressing it or generate Base64 string.

This API offers you:
- All entities you can build in 0.16 game version;
- Easy way to create, edit and add entities;
- Access to all entity settings including special settings for each type of entity;
- Full circuit network support;

This API is currently in beta state, so it can contain some bugs. Please, leave issue message here or on Git-Hub so i can fix it.

Download: https://github.com/Shuriken255/factorio ... i-v0.9.jar
Git-Hub: https://github.com/Shuriken255/factorio-blueprint-api
Java-doc: https://github.com/Shuriken255/factorio ... avadoc.zip
Example on how to create simple blueprint

1. Basics
2. Positioning
3. Shortly about circuit network
If someone will be interested in this library, there will be more tutorials.

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