v0.15.34 Science Pack Crafting Trees

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v0.15.34 Science Pack Crafting Trees

Post by leighzer »

This post contains the crafting trees I made for science pack 1 through to the high tech pack. These are breakdown trees that let you visualize the more basic ingredients required for science pack recipes.

Important Notes:
Since there are many ways to derive petroleum gas I did not breakout that ingredient when making these trees.
I did not breakout iron and copper plates since there is a 1:1 ratio from the ore to the plate.
These trees consider the most basic ingredients to be copper plates, iron plates, coal ore, stone ore, petroleum gas, and water.
I made all of these trees by hand in paint. All of the calculations for ingredients were done by me as well. Please let me know if there is anything incorrect with my trees and I will surely update them.

Short Explanation:
I made these and figured I would share them so anyone else who wants to see similar trees doesn't have to do the work.
Science Pack 1
Science Pack 2
Science Pack 3
Military Pack
Production Science Pack
High Tech Science Pack
Image with all trees full size

I am a new player and just recently tore down my base. My belts were going all over the place and it was a big mess. I also wanted to make the switch and implement my first train system to spread out the functions of my base along with starting to mine from far ore patches I recently sequestered. I made these breakout trees to assist me with creating a near complete science pack factory(to create packs 1 - high tech). The main inspiration behind why I made these trees was due to the fact that in game, the total raw shown for an item didn't display the level of raw materials I wanted to see. A prime example is the production pack. As apart of the total raw breakdown, a single electric engine is shown rather than its components copper, iron, and heavy oil. Having restarted my science pack factory, I needed to see a deeper level of breakdown as I don't have the crafting tree memorized. These trees are made for the others who don't have the crafting tree memorized.

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Re: v0.15.34 Science Pack Crafting Trees

Post by usafphoenix »

great work. the only thing i would have changed is added next to the icon of the pack a listed total for each raw resource, so you have the benefit of A) seeing how each thing is broken down and B) being able to quickly see how much of each item is needed per science type (without having to count up each tree anytime you want to check)

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