Optimal GIT storage for blueprints with minimal diffs (relative IDs)

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Optimal GIT storage for blueprints with minimal diffs (relative IDs)

Post by nyurik »

I would like to introduce FaTul. It allows blueprint storage in git to have just a few changed lines even if all entity IDs have been changed, and some entities have been moved.

* Works directly with clipboard
* Minimize text changes between blueprint versions
* Uses human-readable but compact JSON format
* Sort entities by their x,y coordinates
* Do not store entity_number (IDs) in the text files
* Use relative entity position instead of entity_id
* Normalize entity x,y position
* Stores blueprint books as directories

To test, I compared historical storage of a popular Brian's blueprints (trains, city, ...). In some cases, FaTul was able to store the new git revision with over 1,000 times (!) less changed lines.

Code: Select all

 2022-07-06 | SE: fixed light oil cracking in Refinery [Brian White]
-5a5fcd2 4 files changed, 45658 insertions(+), 45711 deletions(-)
+2d30d15 4 files changed, 34 insertions(+), 46 deletions(-)
Factorio JSON is not good to store in GIT because the entity IDs and their order can change on every export, creating a lot of useless text changes. Every entity in a blueprint has an x,y position, so FaTul can create a relative link to the entity:

* Entity 1 is at {x: 2, y: 5}
* Entity 2 is at {x: 3, y: -1}
* If entity 2 references entity 1, the relative link from 2 to 1 would be "-1,6" (computed as 2-3, 5-(-1)). FaTul will replace all "entity_id": 1 inside entity 2 with "entity_rel": "-1,6".
* The same value is used for the neighbours field (an array of entity IDs)
* If anything else uses a list of entity IDs (rather than entity_id field), please create an issue.

Sorting is another reason for large diffs. Factorio could order entities in any order on every export, so to minimize that, FaTul re-sorts entities by their x,y position using Z-order curve. This way entities that are close together on a blueprint are more likely to stay together in a list.

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