[ui][0.17] Improve the Character Logistic Trash slot UI

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[ui][0.17] Improve the Character Logistic Trash slot UI

Post by tguzik »

Adjust the maximum height of the Character Logistic Trash Slot UI so that it doesn't have a scrollbar

What ?
Once the third level of character logistic trash slots is researched, the player sees a scrollbar, even though there's still space left on the UI frame. Could you please adjust that so that it doesn't show the scrollbar until it absolutely positively has to?


Game version: 0.17.14

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Re: [ui][0.17] Improve the Character Logistic Trash slot UI

Post by ickputzdirwech »

The window is a lot bigger now and the GUI in general has changed drastically. Depending on UI scale setting and screen size a scroll bar might still be necessary but I would say this has been implemented.
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