Buffer chest's active range

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Buffer chest's active range

Post by cacus7 »

Allow us to optionally define a radius around buffer chests so that they only request and provide in such area.
What ?
This would be useful when you have a large logistic network and don't want your buffer chest's demands to trigger a 15 minutes journey for the poor robots.
I'm somewhat new at Factorio logistics so there may be something I'm missing here.

The radius could be seen like a green circular overlay above the buffer chest.
Why ?
Allows for finer control at the logistic networks and acts as an optimization for supplying faraway outposts.

  • This same suggestion could apply to every logistic chest too.
  • This suggestion could be replaced with a bigger one that i just thought about: Segmenting logistic networks...
  • Also it would be cool being able to quickly identify buffer chests from the map view. This would be useful when your are planning a supply network for your outposts.

Thanks for reading!

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Re: Buffer chest's active range

Post by jodokus31 »

offtopic: Nice heart shaped stacker ;)
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