Mods updatable on startup

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Mods updatable on startup

Post by idgod »

When starting Factorio and a mod is not compatible anymore, there is an option to update the mod.

What ?
Starting up Factorio after an update with activated mods. A mod is not compatible anymore.
Factorio 1.1.6.jpg
Factorio 1.1.6.jpg (21.99 KiB) Viewed 345 times
Now after a restart with (a) deactivated mod(s) you have to navigate to the mod section. Identify your mod listed before.
Factorio 1.1.6 modlist.jpg
Factorio 1.1.6 modlist.jpg (10.21 KiB) Viewed 345 times
Hit update there.
Factorio 1.1.6 update.jpg
Factorio 1.1.6 update.jpg (8.31 KiB) Viewed 345 times
Why not giving the option to instantly check for mod updates when showing that the mod is incompatible with your version?
Same is maybe for the loading screen, when loading a incompatible mod savegame. Give the option to move directly to the mod section to this mod or instant update button.

Why ?
It's a value, because
-the mod doesnt have to be deactivated
-the game doesn't have to be reloaded without mods
-no navigation to mod settings to update mods there

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Re: Mods updatable on startup

Post by Taneeda »


Just makes sense
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Re: Mods updatable on startup

Post by 5thHorseman »

Frankly I'd love an option to start in "check mods mode" where all it does is check for mods that could be upgraded and offer the upgrade. I mean, you have to restart anyway so why spend all that time loading graphics and stuff that won't get used?

But +1 to this. It's a pain as-is and would very much be welcome :)
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Re: Mods updatable on startup

Post by Squelch »

Thg new-ish "Continue" button, while convenient, does not give us nearly enough information when it comes to what impact updates might have. We only get to learn about them once the map has been, or was attempted to be loaded. If, on the other hand, we use the load game interface, mods in particular, are shown as incompatible/disabled. Then it is just a matter of synching the mods with the save to get the latest without needing to go the scenic route.

Offering to sync mods where there is a detected incompatibility from the continue button would be a great addition. I understand that some players have very many mods installed, but not necessarily active, so trying to update individual mods from the mod update screen is cumbersome. Sync with save does help here, but isn't obvious.

A setting - something like "Check mods when loading map" might be a very welcome feature.

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Re: Mods updatable on startup

Post by ssilk »

This subject sounds simple, but has astonishing much more aspects.

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Not all is really related, but there are aspects in it, that might need to be thought of.
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