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Some tweaks to existing UI and (duplicate) add pan/zoom to blueprint preview

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 11:12 pm
by HadrionClifton
Some tweaks to existing UI and (duplicate) add pan/zoom to blueprint preview
What ?
I used the `/editor` for the first time since the GUI update, and only after 10+ hours I noticed you could actually drag the window. According to the styles of the rest of the GUI, draggable frames have the vertical lines in their top bar, but the editor window hasn't got them, while it is draggable. The subsections do use the stripe style, but are not draggable (as expected). So maybe a title bar should be added to the top?

On a related note, I think the buttons on the top left (e.g. rocket silo stats and others added by mods) could be grouped in a similar toolbar-like style like the stats/bonuses/etc buttons on the left (but maybe without the background) This would make them more uniform and blend in with the rest of the GUI.
Additionally a window like the editor, could get its own button to quickly hide or show it once enabled through the command. When disabled, the button could be removed again.

On top of the proposed UI changes for the blueprint library (FFF-356), please also consider changing the blueprint preview to be pan- and zoomable (default with mouse left-click hold and dragging and probably scrolling or CTRL+scrolling to zoom).
Would be greatly appreciated for large blueprints, as it was requested multiple times in the past. I believe that it was said not to be possible though, but with the GUI changes it might be now?
Why ?
BPL: Requested feature from the past.
GUI: Consistent style use across all windows.