[QoL] Make the search for recipes match product names

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[QoL] Make the search for recipes match product names

Post by valneq »

I realized that the search function for recipes only matches the recipe names. For vanilla this may sound like a non-issue because all the recipes are named after their products, right? Wrong!

Especially the chemical recipes in the oil processing pipeline have multiple products, and names that do not (always) reflect all their products.
This is becoming very confusing (for new players) who up to this point may have always looked for the product icon, or searched for the product name. Up until oil processing this method works, but oil processing is the first where this intuition about how the recipes work indeed breaks.

Below is an example of a late game state where I search for heavy oil among my recipes.
From searching for heavy oil, it is not clear how to produce it. In contrast, you can search for pretty much any other item or fluid and you will find a recipe for it. Either because the recipe name is the item name, or because the product name is explicitly mentioned in the recipe name.
heavy.jpg (78.55 KiB) Viewed 106 times
While I am aware that the next update of the icons will deal with the oil processing icons, the current icons are not very informative about the products for oil processing:
oil_processing.jpg (103.75 KiB) Viewed 106 times
But I think the current state of vanilla translates very well over to modded games. Overhaul mod packs like Angel's & Bob's or Pyanodon's have rather complicated recipes. And their names or icons do not always reflect their products.

In Angel's, several recipes list all products in the recipe name string just to have the search function find the recipe when players search for a product. However, the tooltips for the recipes already list all of the ingredients and all of the product so listing it again in the recipe name is really just a workaround for the search algorithm.

Currently most people playing heavily modded games rely on third party mods like FNEI just to find out how to craft a specific item. Considering that vanilla has a search function for the recipes, this sounds redundant.

I would like the recipe search in vanilla to search for products in addition to recipe names. Maybe just match primary products (which I believe may be defined internally for the different recipes). If other people think this makes searching obnoxious, maybe have this as an additional option next to fuzzy search. And if this becomes an option in the settings, maybe make an additional option to match ingredients, too.

Furthermore, this change would make it more in line with the current search function for technologies which already searches through the stuff that is unlocked and not only the technology names, see here:
heavy_tech.jpg (131.83 KiB) Viewed 104 times

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