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Increase the range for resources to count as belonging to the same patch

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:27 pm
by DragonMudd
I would like to see ores count as belonging to the same patch (especially when using circuit connections with miners set to "Entire ore patch", but also in some situations when hovering on the map) whenever they are near each other; not just when they're directly connected.

What ?
Here is a current image of a coal patch as seen on the map

All 68k of that coal is being counted in the map hover, but if you see those two small white bits below the main patch, those aren't being counted in my miners set to "Read resources" and "Entire ore patch". Here you can see that my wire is only reading 63k of ore.

In the current setup, I actually have to wire up two more wires to get all of the patch counted (in other words, the miners think these are three separate ore patches).

Related, sometimes what used to be a single patch will be mined out in a certain way as to appear as separate patches even on the map, as you can see in these two images below
Why ?
I recently started playing around with reading ore patches from my miners and was disappointed to discover that, as the patch gets smaller, it often begins to fracture into separate patches. This requires me to hunt down which miners belong to which sub-patches and add more wires... which kind of defeats the purpose of automation. I would really like to see whatever algorithm determines which ore pieces belong to the same patch expanded to be far more generous (like, any ores within about a chunk's distance or so). I can't really think of any major detriment to including nearby resources, but there is plenty of upside and fun I think.

Re: Increase the range for resources to count as belonging to the same patch

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:20 pm
by DragonMudd
Weird side note: I just had a patch where if I wired up to one miner, it would include most but not all of the ore patch. So, I wired up to the secondary patch... but that one counted the entire patch. So, I had to disconnect the first one and all was good.