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More NPCs

Post by Mr_SeBo »

I don't know if there are such suggestions, but I know for sure that this will add adventure to the game.

You know how there are only several NPCs in the game, which are all monsters. It would be cool if there were new kinds of NPCs that are friendly or neutral. Maybe we could have a biome full of giant robot machines that have giant factories, and are just ignoring you until you attack them. A biome that is full of crazy trading robots that fly up to you and try to sell something to you. I'm just thinking of Minecraft :oops:

Reasons for such update:
1. Players will now want to explore the game (To trade with the crazy trade bots, of course! ;))
2. This will enable new ways of getting resources and different items
3. Who won't want to fight giant robots?

I'm saying that we are all used to monsters now, and new biomes full of different creatures will make this game even more entertaining! Have a great day! :D
(Sorry for not having photos, still figuring out Factorio Forms)

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