Dynamic forest renewal / tree growth

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Dynamic forest renewal / tree growth

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1. Make the forests "look" more live.
2. Introduce new kind of difficulty by reclaiming spaces cleaned by the player.

Mechanic ideas
1. Introduce more types of trees (small, young, adult) representing different stages of growth.
2. The amount of wood harvested can be different, for example very young tries can just yield zero wood when removed, but still can be an obstacle when walking.
3. Implement mechanic of new trees spawn and growth, new tree can spawn with some probability in vicinity of other trees and gradually mature. This way forests will (very slowly) expand over time.
4. Adult trees can become dry (dead) with some low probability. To avoid overpopulation of dry trees, make dry trees spontaneously disappear from map with some probability.
5. Trees spawn/growth/types/probabilities/rates can be terrain type dependent. For example, don't spawn new trees on brick pavements.

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