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Tap to Walk

Post by Jorropo » Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:10 am

Adding a tap to walk keybind, simply hit CTRL + RALT + RMB or LALT + RMB somewhere in the world to automaticaly move to it.
What ?
  1. Adding a tap to walk keybind, simply hit CTRL + RALT + RMB or LALT + RMB (can obviously be reconfigurated like any other keybind, I propose the same default keybind as ping on map but with right mouse button, maybe the same keybind as tap to drive in train is better), then your character should move to this location automaticaly (probably using some good old A*).
  2. The tap to walk should walk beetween things not taking a whole square (like two underground pipe facing each other or an arm).
  3. If the location taped is unreachable (like tapping some water, over some machinery or surrounded by walls ...) it should try to go to a square in the building reach of the player (the idea behind that if I can't reach a machine where I am I can simply tap it (using the keybind) to reach it, so if I taped a machine it should try to reach not the specific square I tapped but any square of the machine it self). If there isn't any square to walk to to reach the desired square (or machine) a small error sound (maybe a bit remixed version of the one for trying to build over some water to know that an other error) should play, maybe a message in chat or as fadding text over the asked square (only to the player who asked that, spaming other player with this kind of thing is useless).
  4. Should it be client side or server side ? I don't really know but I think both have advantages and draw back, client side is lighter for the server and other player, server side require all player to do the path finding but will still work if you fall at 15 ups due to an unxepected bitters raid (so it could be used to take cover if your computer fall to very low ups) (by server side I mean the client send a new kind of packet telling he wants to walk to the requested position and each game instance do the pathfinding and move the player (kinda like trains)).
  5. I personaly think only the aera keeped viewable on the map by the character should be reachable and used by the pathfinding using tap to walk (radar and other players vision doesn't count in it) so the whole screen is tappable (when out zoomed at max) and you can't travel too far.
  6. It shouldn't work with car and tank because this is way too dangerous to go at max speed in a non proper arrea, also the default vision is a bit tiny for the car and a bit useless.
  7. Moving or tapping a new location while been moved should immediately and seemlessly cancel the previous tap to walk order and follow the new movement order (ZQSD) or the new tap to walk order.
  8. Tap to walk in a GUI of a machine or chest should initiate a tap to walk to this machine (but if that too far it shouldn't work (with the error sound)) following rule 3 (that just usefull for refueling train).
  9. And finaly map ping on the chat should be tap to walkable using the same keybind (but if that too far it shouldn't work (with the error sound)).
Why ?
  • Mainly because it will mitigate the frustrution of been at 1 or 2 squares to reach a machine or a chest and not been able to reach it due to something blocking you.
  • It will help a lot for navigation in forest.
  • It will help navigation on badly made factory (even I don't think I will personaly use it for that).
  • And it could help to take cover of a bitter attack if you fall at very low ups (I personaly can keep up with near all the mega base findable in the multiplayer tab, but a mega base and a big bitters attacks is the point where my computer can't follow (so I'm unable to move), so evry times I'm working on a mega base in multiplayer I must have a lot of portable laser turret in my armor or never fight, this could save from a few death caused by been in the middle of giant bitters attacks and not able to move).

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Re: Tap to Walk

Post by ssilk » Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:34 am


I would call a mod, that implements that “Walk like Diabolo”. :lol:
Cool suggestion: Eatable MOUSE-pointers.
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Re: Tap to Walk

Post by steinio » Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:49 am

Walk like an Egyptian
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