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Allow copy-paste of settings at any distance

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:57 am
by alercah
Currently, in order to copy-paste settings to/from an entity, it must be in reach. But you can work around this by copying the entity into a blueprint and then laying it on top of the desired pastee; since blueprint creation and placement has unlimited range, and has the effect of copy-pasting settings, this can be used to get around the distance limit. As a result, the limit serves no purpose but to create another UI gotcha.

Re: Allow copy-paste of settings at any distance

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:33 am
by Qon

I was hoping when the new radar+map was coming out that we would be able to remote base building from map view without moving our character once you had the tech for it. So you can transition to blueprint design and a more RTS-commander style of play. It was also a stretch goal and suggested future development. And it isn't really that hard to do now because the necessary tech exists. But instead, they have nerfed the map view several times making it less useful every time.

Breaking blueprint placement outside radar range is another bad nerf. If I have the roboports nearby and materials then why shouldn't it work? It forces expanding with your character for any large blueprints (all of my blueprints at the late stages of the game) and it forces you to always keep radars everywhere so you can't just deconstruct an area and place a new blueprint over it. You have to make sure you ghost place radars and poles and never break connection while deconstructing the old radars and poles. And you can't even make blueprints from map view or place blueprints at all or deconstruct without zooming in so you don't really get any advantage of the zoom out you can otherwise do.

Also when I use Creative Mode with a cheat range of 1M I could open chests and move things around from anywhere before. But that was a "bug" that they removed for no reason. If it's in my range why can't I open chests and other GUI from map view?

In short it's a massive pain to deal with and a mod that lets you teleport anywhere on the map like Tag To Teleport is just much less hassle and pain to deal with while giving you the power map view should have given you.

And the mod API isn't powerful to add back the great features they remove from the map view either. I don't understand why they consistently make it worse when it would require LESS effort to make it better than making it worse since even doing nothing would be an improvement in this case.