Suggestion: Read Server's Config and Apply Before Reloading

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Suggestion: Read Server's Config and Apply Before Reloading

Post by Pawz »

TLDR: When connecting to a server and syncing mods, it takes two restarts - one to download and apply the mod, two to apply mod settings. Suggest also downloading the server's config at the 'sync' stage and applying it immediately.

Longer version:

My startup time is about 2-3 minutes at the moment with the mods I have enabled. Please download the mod-settings.dat file from the server *at the time of sync* and write it to your local file so that you do not have to restart twice. (Also note that it doesn't auto-connect you to the server if you have to change settings and reload).

Biggest hassle for me has been when we're tweaking Rampant settings - global / map settings require restarting the game.
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