Factorio Incidents

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Factorio Incidents

Post by ralper »

Factorio Incidents

Because no factory is perfect. There are unpredictable problems and we need to be ready to fix them.

Implementing "random" events that provide a more "dangerous" experience.

Incidents occur in previously defined intervals.
These events can be activated / deactivated at the beginning of the game.

List of incidents:
Explosion of machine and / or fluid:
-The explosion causes destruction of the object and flame.
- Can be erased by new equipment (waterspray).
Machine malfunction:
-The machine stops producing the product.
- It has to be removed and replaced.
Detonation of machine / inserter / conveyor belt:
-The equipment suffers a reduction of HP.
Raw materials incident:
-The raw materials inside a machine are destroyed.
-The ponds spill between 0-2 squares (destroy buildings if they exist).
Heat wave:
-The ponds dry 0-2 squares.
Diggy biters:
"A bunch of biters come off the floor.
Space program incident:
"The rocket was destroyed shortly after it was launched. (Not this time)
Space junk:
- Low value random items fall on the ground (including on conveyor belts).
Research incident:
-The research progress of the current research resets.

-It has the same mechanics as turret, but uses water as ammunition (fluid) and extinguishes fire to avoid damaging other constructions.

Now I ask for feedback, thank you, : )

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Re: Factorio Incidents

Post by GrumpyJoe »

ralper wrote:
Tue Feb 19, 2019 7:15 pm

Now I ask for feedback, thank you, : )
I´d put that in the mod section (if you agree, ask for a move, dont repost) and see if anyone think its worth the time?
Dont think its gonna happen in the base game, or only when an option is set.
I have seen very few "perfect" bases that run for hours untouched and most of them were proof of concept like "i have built this 10k SPM base and let it run for 10 hours, here is my production tab as proof"
There is almost always something to troubleshoot. A meaner me would ask if you ever got out of the starting area :mrgreen:

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Re: Factorio Incidents

Post by Koub »

This kind of things has been suggested many times :
And I didn't search that hard.

I do agree mods would be a good starting point : I hope this will never make it to vanilla.
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Re: Factorio Incidents

Post by theolderbeholder »

I can not think of something which would annoy me more.

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Re: Factorio Incidents

Post by Hannu »

Simple addition would be just annoying. If it was combined with more sophisticated damage modeling and added with effects of environment conditions and load level etc., I would like it. However, vast majority of players would whine about micromanaging and this kind of non predictable functions will never be added in vanilla game. But it would be certainly very interesting mod for players who want harder engineering challenges. Unfortunately core game does not support complex realistic like damage modeling.

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Re: Factorio Incidents

Post by Jeeto »

I already have enough incidents:
Running out of coal
Running out of iron
Running out of copper
Forgetting to place Kovarex Enrichment buildings back in place with enough time to make some more fuel when I run low (I'll probably just power them off with a a power switch soon)
Train running out of fuel when I forget to add a stop that has a method of refueling it
Biters aggroing a power pole or belt for some reason that's out in the middle of nowhere
Getting a little too cocky with my tank and thinking "I don't need bullets, my personal lasers (x2) and running things over will be fine!"

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Re: Factorio Incidents

Post by urza99814 »

I love this idea, but I don't think it should be entirely random. Make it more realistic and also give the player some ability to mitigate the issues. A pipe that's always at maximum capacity should explode more often than one that's only half full; assemblers should blow up more often when they're pushed to their limits with modules or even just running non-stop; research labs should occasionally blow up, but mostly when doing military research; etc...

Probably belongs in a mod rather than the base game... But I'm also STILL disappointed that nuclear reactors can't melt down in vanilla...lol

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