Hydraulic Fracturing for oil

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Hydraulic Fracturing for oil

Post by leadraven » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:01 am

I've seen some similar suggestions (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=49239) and mods (https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Fracking), but I didn't like suggested mechanics.
Advanced building that increases oil output of surrounding oil fields in cost of other resources, power and additional logistics. Instead of current oil guaranteed output.

What ?
Remove default guaranteed minimum for pumpjacks, make oil fields to dry up to 0 yield with 0 oil output (but not disappear).
Introduce new building : Hydraulic Fracture, with corresponding high-tech research as combination of advanced oil processing and mining.
Hydraulic Fracture is a large building (5x5) that grants additional 20% yield to nearby oil fields (25x25 area). This bonus does not get exhausted and is active as long as Hydraulic Fracture operates.
In order to operate Hydraulic Fracture consumes special Fracturing Fluid like a fuel.
Possible components of the Fracturing Fluid are water, concrete, acid, lubricant.
Hydraulic Fracture operates whenever it has fluid supply, regardless of oil extraction.
Speed multiplier applies to yield bonus and rate of fluid consumption.
Productivity multiplier applies to yield bonus only (multiplicative with speed).
Hydraulic Fracture upgrades can be repeatable techs.

Each oil field receives either only the highest provided yield bonus, or the summ.
Hydraulic Fracture may not support modules. (to prevent speed beacon double-dipping)

Why ?
Significant amount of free infinite oil through basic pumpjacks without any research - feels overpowered and not challenging enough. Hydraulic Fracture would be a good trade off. It is harder to achieve (advanced research, resources consumption), but, with certain investment, can provide higher output in late game. Also, when oil fields are already depleted, and Hydraulic Fracture still unavailable, Coal Liquefaction can save the day.

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