Player Based Win Parameters

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Player Based Win Parameters

Post by kevinb2 » Sun Jul 22, 2018 5:18 pm

A set of options before the game has started where you can change what gives you the "Win" Prompt.
"Launch 10 rockets per minute"
"Launch 25 rockets in 75 hours only using steam engines"
"Use only Gun Turrets without using Piercing Ammo and Laser Turrets until 5th Rocket Launched"

Words that are underlined can mean numbers and items that you can change to your liking. Words that are in italics are condition words that effects the next underlined word(s) (if using an and)

You could also have the option to where you fail i.e: you lose the world, the world increases the recipes for all items, power consumption increases, enemies have their health increased, Days are a shorter (nights could be longer), certain items can't be used, and more!
With the loss parameters, you could have Win Parameters too! i.e: Aliens do not make any bases, days are longer, nights shorter, items are more powerful, power consumption is decreased, and more!

Both the loss and win parameters can be changed via Percentage and Number Times. You could even make it harder, by giving yourself "Marathon Mode" after you win.

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Re: Player Based Win Parameters

Post by CJ5Boss » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:08 pm

There are some mods that can change win conditions, and I'm sure if you follow said example you could edit and make one yourself. Here is an example that changes game win condition among other things:
"Artillery laser cannon shotgun uranium explosive turret tanks" would be the greatest thing ever.
You might try checking out my mod:

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