remove logistics 2 requirement from automobility (/Trains)

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remove logistics 2 requirement from automobility (/Trains)

Post by dog80 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:55 am

i have this case: i have my basic starter setup, have advanced to steel and have my refinery items ready, but refinery not built yet, because i cant find any oil near me... and i want to have oil before building refinery... frustrating... but because im so pro it doesnt stop me, and i go straight to car tech... wait... i have engines... i dont need red belts yet... i do need them for car? hmm... its even cheaper than red belts (100 to 200packs) - the tech car feels even less impact heavy than redbelts

so in the end its like::: i have everything ready to search the oil outpost - weapons, pumpjacks, engines, and i only need the car tech... but no... i have to make red-belt tech first.. and just wait ... zzz

--- i am waiting for a tech to finish - that i dont use yet... i will start using red belts once i make red cuircits - but for that i need oil, and i can only find oil with a car... (sure i can walk but for what are cars good then)

--- its the same with trains... sometimes you need trains before red-belts because patches are so far away... then you are in the same situation: - one time in mp we had very sparse ressources at start and there was a quite decent patch quite far away, we decided to rush trains but it took forever - we had really little ressources... so while most of the players were waiting, some decided to start placing belts from the patch, so in the end the tech was ready and we nearly simultaneously finished the belt line as well as the train line... stupid^^

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