Late game train research

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Late game train research

Post by AngledLuffa » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:20 pm

TL;DR: Add research modifiers and infinite research options for faster trains.

Many rockets after the first one, an organically grown mega factory is a huge, sprawling mess. Trains take a long time to go from where resources are to where they are needed, and as a player, getting from point A to point B takes a minute or longer even with rocket fuel powered trains.

Trains have a limit on how fast they can go, though. Nuclear powered locomotives with braking force 7 is the max. There are no research modifiers to improve this aside from the braking force, so they can only be made faster with modded fuel types. This feels a lot less authentic than researching how to make the existing trains faster.

A suggestion in three parts:

1) Make braking force an infinite research
2) Add a research modifier train-max-speed-bonus, make it an infinite research
3) Add another research modifier train-acceleration-bonus, make it an infinite research

Even if the research modifiers don't go into vanilla, it would still be helpful to have them for mods to take advantage of.

This will give late game factories something to dump research into other than mining productivity and worker robot speed, and will help the transportation in megafactories scale with the factory. Also (tongue in cheek) it will help restore some of the excitement of the early game, as every railroad crossing could be the moment you get wiped out by a 1000km/h train.

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