Advanced map editor

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Advanced map editor

Postby aweecz » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:08 pm


There is tons of ideas about stuff gameplay and so on. I want to ask something different, let's say some map editor improvements. Placeable command entities, as shown in map editor under.

Enviroment entities - sound, images etc - will play sound if trigger is used. For example radio communicator when certain location is reached

Trigger entities - they act as starting point by using (lever, switch) moving across (pressure plate, destination) or from start connecting those START->DELAY-MSG will print message on screen after selected ticks

Function entities - They actually do something like show message, teleport you from surface to surface if stepped onto certain tile etc.

All of those entities can be configurable on map as shown below START->DELAY->MSG this will print message from starting map on player screen or chat (which can be set) at certain amount of ticks. Pressing [T] will allow you set all specification of entities (nameTAG for trigger and his target name)
Of course this can be done using lua but this is way easier for everyone and much more faster. Than this

Now for the additions to map editor,
I found very frustrating while placing more than one entity in world you have to set rules for every single one. So the first step is to add config while placing objects - that means if you preset solar panel as shown below you can just put more of them and they will have same edits. Owners - properties - difficulty.

Second step would be scenario editor where you can remap everything about map and set info about it. Like description, rules (win game by research, destroying entity), images,starting conditions, starting equipment, allowed tech, allowed craftable items for mod support you can craft vanilla tank but modded tank or upgraded one (more HP dmg etc) can be only obtainable by doing something like conquering experimental factory which was taken over rogue AI (set turrets as enemies) .


I'm currently working also on mine campaign if there is anyone interested in editing luas for me feel free to contact me.

Otherwise I will appreciate the comments here.
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Re: Advanced map editor

Postby Huzul » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:21 pm

Great idea, simplified map editor and scenario management would bring more user made maps giving all of us opportunity to create our campaign/scenario and share it.
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