Bot Delivery Target AI Tweak AKA "68K items going to 1 box?"

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Bot Delivery Target AI Tweak AKA "68K items going to 1 box?"

Post by JohnyDL »

Box being targeted with more deliveries than it can possibly handle then bots vanish off to far off lands for next target box only a fraction will take to fill... image is worth 1000 words.
AI tweak to stop this happening

What ?
When deconstructing (or at any other time when bots target general storage) if there's a box which would be 100% filled by the incoming stream of items divert further items to a different box (preferably a near by one)
fanciful extension that will never happen
Why ?
In the image above there's a stream of items heading towards the box (68k) with empty storage boxes near by and the bots flying off to the other side of the map because I planned my base with distributed storage boxes so there was always storage boxes near by and the other side of the map happened to be where the target was. I'm pretty sure I saw 75K targeting that box at one point and more were charging and targeting old boxes, just have construction bots unload to the nearest available box and let logistics transport the rest of the way if there're requests or other things to fulfill with those items.

I had this happen in an extreme case because I was using a mod but I'm sure it could happen in vanilla too, I had 30 storage boxes worth of items in the air (minimum) and 10k bots wasting my time and their time flying back and forth for only 1 box at a time taking those items for storage at a time and freeing up the bots and UPS with no easy solution to get those bots out of the air except waiting for the stream to finish pin-balling around my base.

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