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alien changes

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My Idea
Alien Changes

What does this mean?
classes: I thought that if there are 3 stages of aliens there could also be more types of aliens, like a brute (more health and strenght but slower), runner (even faster then other aliens but less health), bomber (very low health but will explode on contact or death), diggers (will be annoying) (can dig underground tunnels witch you have to fill up) (other aliens can come trough these tunnels) (very low frequency), etc.
research and form: A random thought went trough my head: "if we can research then wy can't aliens?"
so i think aliens should have a research bases in the world that automaticly research things like: wood walls, advanced nests, damage increase, etc. the player will be able to scan the progress with a new scanner tool and see what they might do next if he scans one of these research nests.
Textures: i think the aliens might be able to use a new stage too where they start looking more like primates then big bugs and build small huts instead of nests, this would be a nice addon but i wouldunderstand if this is declined because it might remove the classic factorio feeling.

Why would this make the game better?
It can make the game better because it would break the aliens up into multiple stages and classes, in the beginning they are hard to beat but later on they get really easy to beat and i think that a little realism might be a good thing. I mean, why not make them smarter? The devs already had an idea to have a "peace with the aliens" idea, so i think it might be good to have the aliens gain a little more power so they can seem smart enough for peace and so they are a little more complex than they are right now.

It is logical that some of the sub-ideas will change in the matter of time and by the community that as a way to make them better than they are in this form so feel free to add something or change it.

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Re: New ideas

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You should divide your idea to have only 1 per topic. Allow each idea to be discuss and not only one and all other been oversee.

Also you should use this template viewtopic.php?f=6&t=47316

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