Improve visibility of logistic/circuit network pop-up menus

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Improve visibility of logistic/circuit network pop-up menus

Post by Jon8RFC » Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:56 am

Change the location or visibility of the pop-up for connecting something to the logistics network so that it isn't hidden by the mouse-over tooltip.
What ?
Have the tooltip disappear after clicking, or rearrange the checkbox and text so that the checkbox and text aren't easily hidden by the tooltip bold text.
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Why ?
It's very well-hidden behind the tooltip text, and unless you already know it's hidden behind it, it can be difficult to catch initially. Both the checkbox and text can be covered entirely by the tooltip.

The circuit network is similar, but unless you're on the very edge of the button, the text in the pop-up extends beyond the edge of the tooltip; for the logistics pop-up the text doesn't extend beyond the edge of the tooltip. The "not connected" was not new information, so I figured I didn't do something special with the roboports and was very confused because I happened to keep hovering just right, multiple times, and then hitting ESC to go look at other inserters to try them.

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