Speed runner specific settings at start

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Speed runner specific settings at start

Post by Ghoulish » Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:34 pm

Setting aimed at specifically helping speed runners find a suitable start.

What ?
I watch a fair bit of live Factorio through twitch.tv, the amount of time speed runners such as https://www.twitch.tv/antielitz have to restart the map before they find a suitable starting area is too damn high! Anti said he knew a guy who reset for 2.5 hours straight. That's nuts in anyone's book.

From what I understand there are some conditions that generally have to be met for a worthwhile run. Firstly, not in desert. Pollution spreads too fast in a desert setting which = biters too early. So a forest area with not too many trees, with enough space for the basic early setup of course. Tree coverage is important as you don't want to waste time chopping trees (sigh..). Secondly the resources have to be big enough and close enough together to get going. Oil should be on the map, I wouldn't like to say how many pumps are preferred, but a couple wont cut it.

Finding all of the above leads to many, many restarts.

I know the dev's are looking at making a lot of changes to the starting area, and feel adding a "Speed Runner" option at map generation (along with rail world, default settings etc) would be a great way to encourage speed running, and help those who do.
Why ?
Factorio speed running is great, it should be encouraged at a base level.

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