How did we get to this planet?

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How did we get to this planet?

Post by arkraven »

as the subject says how did we get here?

if we crashed in a rocket / spaceship where is it? how come we only manage to get 8 iron out of it?

My thoughts were to have in the setup screen another tab where we could have three options
1- normal you start with your normal iron ect al
2- scavenge - you search the wreckage more thoroughly and get 'x' more bits of tech to help you along the way, where 'x' is random and could be anything craft able the game (so not a biter!)
3- set amount - you have a box to say i want 10 steam engines and 5 boilers and this and that and you 'find' them in the wreckage or at least the base mats to be able to craft them once you unlock the tech

or is there a reason why we only start with what we do? (story wise i mean)

thanks for reading this
arkraven aka stew

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