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expensive items : land cruiser

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:03 pm
by boolybooly
I was thinking about expensive items than you can work for besides another satellite in the post launch bliss. Inspiration came from the Fatboy mobile artillery fort factory from Supreme Commander Forged Alliance. ... le_Factory

So I though of a land cruiser, a kind of mega tank, really expensive using lots of low density structures with steel with autonomous turrets and player cannon and machine gun, internal module slots for drone port and shield, solar panels/ fusion module and batteries to give it power and internal class III+ factory, internal drilling and pumping capability. Local power feed from modules, amphibious, tracked, able to squish biters and spawners but must shoot worms. A kind of go where you will battle tank with massive cargo which can put the personal touch into resource gathering.

With the internal factory it can say go to a remote uranium deposit covered in biters, clear the area, settle down for some mining, break out the sulphuric acid barrels from the stores and put them in the internal factory set to empty, use the acid to mine the uranium, pick up the uranium, even when the player is not in residence, turrets still operating to defend it, player comes back to pick it up land cruiser plus spoils.

Just a thought.

Re: expensive items : land cruiser

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:14 pm
by Daz3
Never did like the 'fighting factory' experimentals in SC. But a mobile construction vehicle, basically a truck with a roboport and some construction bots, it's hold would be a large storage (or buffer) chest.
some defense on it would be good, but not so much that you could use it as an assault vehicle.