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Circuit controlled splitter

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:14 pm
by Demongornot
As the title indicate, I think the possibility to control Splitters through circuit network would be great, the ability to choose between two actions for a given condition.
Since there is 4 possible actions, ON, OFF, LEFT only and RIGHT only, the best way to handle that might be to control each side independently, so turning both ON make the Splitter work as usual, both OFF stop it, but we can also make the Splitter send object only left or right thanks to that.
Two wire connection, one on each side, might make it possible, since it is a 2x1 tiles wide object.
The way I see it is, each wire manage one side, and almost as if it was two entity next to each others, depending if we click on the left or the rightside , the logistic/circuit network option control said side.

I know that we can simply disable a belt after it, but the issue is, if the Splitter have to handle expensive objects like Satellites for example, blocking the belt on the right side mean that some satellites will be actually stuck on the right between the Splitter and the disabled belt, which is a huge waste of resources, same if we only want to combine two input and a single output on the Splitter, one side will waste resources and there is balancing setup where we can't just reuse this wasted side.
The ability to disable one side will avoid resources wasting and have smart control directly on the Splitter rather than the belt after it.
Also I see situations where we might want to read object on the belt after a Splitter but still want smart LEFT/RIGHT control.

Re: Circuit controlled splitter

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:52 pm
by Tekky
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