Replace all logistic (and smart) chest with a single chest

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Logistic chests overhaul proposal

Post by AdamK »

I find current design of chests counter intuitive, confusing and not flexible enough. This is my proposal for change:

Instead 5 types of chests we have today, introduce one type of chests that can do everything they do, and more - a logistic chest :)

The basis for logistic chest is buffer chest with following improvements:
  • logistic filter (like in storage chests)
  • priorities:
    Each chest will have two types of priorities:
    • pull priority - describes priority of filling the chest. Higher priority chests will be filled first, than lower priority. 0 priority chests are never filled (by bots)
    • push priority - describes priority of emptying the chest. Higher priority chests will be emptied first, than lower priority. 0 priority chests are never emptied (by bots)

      Lowest priority is 0. Highest is infinite (some top value might be chosen for practical purposes)
  • and one switch:
    • active - if chest will be actively emptied by bots. active and push priority 0 is incompatible and produces an error in the matrix ;)
We might need also one aditional feature:
  • Definaible logistic chest stamp: ability to produce named, predefined chests (with chosen color?) With that we can easily transition form current logistic chests to a new design, as all current chests are possibly with my system :)

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Re: Replace all logistic (and smart) chest with a single chest

Post by ssilk »

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Some things to mention to you post, AdamK, to make your suggestions more successful:
- please use the suggestion template viewtopic.php?f=6&t=47316
- that helps to not forget about WHY you think you need it,
- and why it is important to look at the gameplay-value. See also viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3394

Your suggestion has a quite low gameplay-value, because you forget that this suggestion changes the whole game, and why that would be better. Obvious for you, not obvious for the rest. :)
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