Make it an living world & more

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Make it an living world & more

Post by dRaMaTiC »

Hey factorions,

we (my bro and myself) recently bought Factorio and we really enjoy building / planing our base in multiplayer. I guess we are up to ~ 10 hours play time now and recently our first oil was extracted( it was tough to find the oil spots, cause of its funny color ;-) )

Here are some ideas they come into my mind while playing Factorio:

1. I like the simple graphic and animations in Factorio, but i would like to see some more movment in the world. Like flooding water (waves), sparkle of sunlights on its surface, moving trees in the wind (not all of course).
2. Bring in some wildlife. I didnt see any animals yet :-(. Some sort of cats, birds, cows, plants eating them? Dont know what kind of species could live there, expect the biters.
3. Rivers, streams or waterfalls. Also the terrain seems not to have any upper areas like small mountains or hills.
4. Different weather (rain, storms (sand/snow)) just to have nice effects or an really impact on our production. Like rain / snow that may decrease belt conveyor speed or lighting strikes, damaging structures or just deactivate it for a short delay. (that would also bring a new research-tree for building structures to secure our base, e.g catching lighting strikes and store their energy). Bringing in tornados would be cool but i guess that they are too massiv, but anyway the ppl should have the options to enable / disable each natural disaster when setting up the game (good example -> City Skylines DLC)

5. As far i know there is one simple "light" to build. I would like to see such "Dual Head Tripod Worklight" with an ingame 90 degree light spot (North-East-West-South or when possible with 45 degree and each direction between them), so we can fill a small area with much brighter light.
6. Controlling the vehicles like the buggy is pretty hard and laggy. I mean it should be more responsive when pressing and holding the keys.

That`s all for now. Maybe i / we will find more in later game play.

Thanks for reading. Feedback is welcome.

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Re: Make it an living world & more

Post by deepdriller »

Does nobody read the guide? Seriously, you're violating it so hard right now.

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Re: Make it an living world & more

Post by ssilk »

Guides are made to be ignored. ;)
In this case it is not so bad to suggest that in one suggestion.

Added to viewtopic.php?f=80&t=342 Events (Environmental Disasters and Weather) / Biome-Types

See also viewtopic.php?f=80&t=14638 Producing food / Herbalism / Health
viewtopic.php?f=80&t=21022 Improved Vehicle Control
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