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Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 6:40 am
1. Sorters (same size as a splitter), they use slight amounts of energy, maybe proportional to items being sorted. They can be used to sort one item from the rest at a basic stage and as they advance they get the ability to sort more items.
2. Uncrafter (same size as an assembler), lots of energy, they only give back 25% materials at the basic stage and as the upgrade they return more to the player.
3. Macerator (same size as a furnace), lots of energy. They macerate ores to make them smelt for 2x the product, late game and go quicker with upgrades.
4. Fisheries, 3x2 on land and 3x3 water tiles for a total of 3 tiles N-S and 5 tiles E-W. They use moderate energy and they produce fish infinitely if put on a fishing spot, but only a few if not. They will increase in efficiency upon upgrading.
5. Dams, they produce lots of energy and they are very expensive and late game, not to mention large, about 10x5 and can be used as a bridge for rivers.

1. Peaceful Deterrence Beacon. I got the idea from dog whistles, they keep enemies away without killing them. They use moderate energy.
2. Laser Guns, they are modular like the Power Armors except they can't produce their own energy, they need batteries.
3. Fish Cannon, cuz why the hell not?

1. Oceans and Segregated Biomes, this would be akin to minecraft's biome system, but if ores were only put into certain biomes it would encourage exploration.
2. Rivers and Currents, they would be used to make hydroelectric dams and move items using boats or water conveyor belts.
3. Waterfalls and Elevation, it would give the world more life and would add cool opportunities for stuff built into the cliff sides.
6. Swimming, it would be affected by armor and weapons and also by current.
7. Skins, they could change the look of the player and make everyone feel unique

If you guys like these feel free to build on them, or even suggest new ones.
I use my friend's account "cdttn86"

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Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 7:29 am
by ssilk
Edited: I mark this as Good-suggestions-antipattern :geek:

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Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 6:41 am
by The_Brain
awesome ideas and for the skins thing how about just for now have it so you change change color and make it a bit easier on the developers. also you idea of the fish cannon is excellent because you could use it to distract biters because they would go and eat the fish that you shot at them and how about if you feed the bitters enugh fish they dont attack you but will attack you if you don't feed them for a while

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Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 7:01 am
by sciencemile
Yeah usually you're only supposed to make a suggestion per thread I guess, but since you've already made them I'll give a quick once over.


1. This function is present in the Smart Inserter, which while not a belt, accomplishes the task you're thinking of and also has the drawback of extra energy cost as you used for off balance; with a little thought you can make an extremely complicated sorting system to put tons of different items on one belt onto seperate belts (although it's generally a bad idea to have more than 2 different items on a single belt line in the first place.

2. Uncrafter...yes, a highly requested feature, in one vein or another. I definitely think they'll be adding that eventually.

3. Ah Macerators, I love Industrialcraft :P, but anyways this same function (more resources at the cost of increased energy consumption) is present in the Productivity Building Mod 1, 2, and 3.

4. I don't know if Fish are now a permanent addition to the game or if they're still just a joke resource that they intend to remove eventually. Either way I like this idea, but also like the idea of a Lumberjack Facility that takes out trees in the surrounding area (but for now I have the Deconstruction Planner and my Roboport Army so eventually you can fake such a thing)

5. I don't think the Water in the Game is dynamic, and I don't know if they ever plan to have it be (at most I'd expect maybe a precipitation/water level system where it's possible to drain a lake whether intentionally or through overuse.

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Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 2:58 pm
by ssilk
This post is about the meta of this suggestion:

There are really nice suggestions, but they can't be discussed. They will go under in the other thematically correct (more or less) sorted threads.

I'm a bit sad about that, cause there are some good ideas in here. So this is in my eyes till now the best case for a "good suggestion antipattern". See above to my first post about this thread! If the writer had invested just some minutes more and splitted some of the bigger stuff, it would be much better to discuss.