Add support for configuring and copy/paste for ghosts / set ghost product / edit schedules

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Add support for configuring and copy/paste for ghosts / set ghost product / edit schedules

Post by factoriouzr »

It would be a really nice feature to be able to put down ghost entities and configure them before they are actually built.

This would include:
+copy/pasting to/from ghost and non ghost entities (eg. copy/paste settings to ghost inserters from other inserters (ghost or not)
+open a ghost of a factory and set the item it will produce
+open ghosts of chests and configure them (eg. requestes for requester chests, chest limits, etc

In theory this shouldn't be difficult to implement (logically). In practice you guys would know better based on your current code.

What I'm thinking is that one clean way to implement this might be:
+make every ghost building be the real building that it represents
+add a flag to every building (true/false) if it's a ghost or not and when placing ghosts set this to be ghost = true and when the building is really "built", then set this flag to false
+if ghost = true, just render the building translucent like the ghosts are now
+if ghost = true, factories won't build anything but you will be able to insert modules and set the recipe
+now you will instantly get all copy/paste and configuration options because built entities already support it and with this simple flag, you will track if the entity is fully operational or not

This would be an amazing feature to have to speed up building. Now you don't have to wait for resources before you configure you factory and you can configure your factory while you are still crafting the buildings, inserters, etc and while the robots are still bringing them.

Also please add the ability to see and select all recipes in factories and inserter filters even if they are not researched yet to make it even more useful just like you can set filters on your toolbelt for unresearched entities.
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Re: Add support for configuring and copy/paste for ghosts

Post by HL65536 »

Now with 0.15 this is very much needed:

I just started a second map and had some blueprints from the first one. They involved lots of combinators. The blueprints were totally useless because i was not able to get the actual combinator settings copied without robots.

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Feature request: set ghost assembly machine product

Post by Charidan »

When copy+pasting assembly machines the ghost retains the product setting and displays the icon for it. When manually placing assembly machines, you cannot set the product and have to remember what everything is. This can be very confusing if you leave and come back or are working in multiplayer and trying to build self-documenting ghost setups.

It would be really nice if we could set the product of a ghost machine (and probably other such settings on ghost entities), both to make base planning easier and so that when it is built over (especially if bots are involved) the factory needs no further configuration.

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Ability to edit schedule on ghost trains

Post by AdamK »

Ghost trains should have ability to edit schedule
What ?
Ghost trains already can have schedule (when done by copying or blueprint). There should also be an option to edit ghost train shedule
Why ?
Currently there is even no way to see ghost train schedule, this would help here.
Also, so you could edit the train schedule without waiting for it to be build.

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Re: Ability to edit schedule on ghost trains

Post by ssilk »

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