Urgent change in inserter to wagon behavior

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Urgent change in inserter to wagon behavior

Post by pato »

Dear devs,

there is an issue with loading trains that carry multiple items, for expamle to feed your supply train for outpost.
i designed a combinator system which detects all items my outpost need and i set it up to carry different items in each slot.

Due to the issue with inserters getting stuck if they can not unload their items, i feel really pissed off putting so much effort in a system which has actually no use as it gets rekt by this.
I tried a work arround with 12 inserters but due to the fact, wagons have 40 slots, you can not fill in all items you need.
All above 12 items (12 inserters) may crash your design sooner or later.

i think you all can follow me and understand this is an issue/bug that needs to be fixed in the next coming updates.

i suggest the following sollutions:

1. if an inserter can not unload its item to a train, it should take the item back and pick the next item
2. allow us to not only filter wagons by item class, but also by item count
3. allow us to set stack size for inserter with combinators
4. let inserters detect if a wagon is full and let them pick a smaller stack so it can unload the item and take the next

thank you very much for your time reading this

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